Show Off Your Skiing And Snowboarding Skills

The other week an episode showed a group of young lads spending their days waking up incredibly hungover at 2pm for half an hour of skiing a day. They also vomited in sinks a bit, harassed locals and groped ice statues – much to the apparent disgust of their onlooking parents, of course. In a previous episode, the female stars of the show ventured onto the slopes, attempting to snowboard in crop tops and makeup they were wearing the previous evening.

Don’t get me wrong, après is one of my favourite parts of a ski holiday. There’s a magic in the mountains that makes hanging out with friends and family that little bit more special, and something in the air that dissipates any resulting hangovers at the mere sight of your first chairlift the next day.

The financial support only came into effect at the beginning of last month though, with the Paralympic head coach Tony McAllister and performance director, Andrew Lockerbie, both having departed over the summer.

“It was very difficult after the Games,” added Etherington, who is based in Lincoln and hopes to qualify as a geography teacher. “I didn’t even have a phone call saying what was going to happen and didn’t know my coach had left.

“For me it’s about the quality of my life.

“Even though they have this funding, if the support and the structure is not there then it’s not worth it – I’d rather be happy and [have] no money.”

The freestyle event, which will be held at Swadlincote Ski Centre in Sir Herbert Wragg Way, will give winter sports enthusiasts the chance to compete against one another while also demonstrating their extreme abilities to spectators.

Bar facilities will be available in the centre’s Alpine Lodge.

The event will take place between 11am and 5pm on Saturday, November 22. Admission is £15 or £10 if booked in advance.